Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015

Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild

More than 500 Malaysians flooded took part in an energetic morning walk around Sunway Lagoon, followed by an exciting wildlife-themed treasure hunt challenge together with their teams of 4 to 6 members on a beautiful Sunday morning ~ Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 20154 @ Wildlife Park.

The walkathon & treasure hunt aimed to educate the public about the wildlife as well as to promote togetherness among their friends and family members, as they went through a host of activities and challenges throughout the first half of the day.

Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild
(L-R) Mr. Magendran Marimuthu, Assistant General Manager of Sunway Lagoon; Harris and Sweet from Chichi and Chacha; Mr. Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon; Ms. Lu Choi Wan, Director of Marketing of Sunway Lagoon

Participants were also greeted with a few iconic mascots including Sunway Lagoon’s Captain and Lady Quack, Sunway Pyramid’s Leo and Leona, Sunway Universities’ Samson the Bear, Chichi and Chacha as well as Milo’s Mascot.

Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild
A father and son duo solving clues during Walk & Hunt in the Wild

Sweet and Harris, the hosts of Malaysia's leading children's edutainment show, Chichi and Chacha as seen on Astro Ceria, also joined in the fun by taking part in the event, who both expressed that it was a fun day out and have learnt new facts about the animals in the Wildlife Park.

Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild
A young and enthusiastic team completing a task for Walk & Hunt in the Wild

Following from the eventful morning, Sunway Lagoon had also announced the winner to its “Name the King and Queen of the Jungle @ Sunway Lagoon” contest which was held last year. Jonny Wong Kwei Ji, aged 36, who has named the theme park’s new pair of white lions Zola (male) and Zuri (female), which simply meant love and beautiful – both of which a royalty should have, won himself a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 home. 

Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015, Sunway Lagoon, Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild
(L-R) Mr. Krishnan Vellasamy, Wildlife Park Manager of Sunway Lagoon; Mr. Magendran Marimuthu, Assistant General Manager of Sunway Lagoon; Mr. Sean Choo, General Manager of Sunway Lagoon; Puan Noorul Ashikin Binti Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor; Mr. Jonny Wong Kwei Ji, winner of the “Name the King and Queen of the Jungle @ Sunway Lagoon” contest; and Sweet and Harris of Chichi and Chacha

Adding on to the excitement, Sunway Lagoon also re-launched its Wildlife Park with Puan Noorul Ashikin Binti Mohd Din, General Manager of Tourism Selangor, who graced the event. The one-of-a-kind event is a walkathon combined treasure hunt which took place at its very own newly refurbished Wildlife Park. Each participant also received a certificate of participation and they are also granted to an all-day access to the theme park for the rest of the day. 

Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park is Malaysia’s first fully interactive as well as educational park which is home to more than 150 species of exotic animals with more than 80 species-specific exhibits of exotic, small and friendly animals, a diverse range of birds, fishes, reptiles and mammals. There are also new additions to the educational park which includes the white lions, pygmy marmoset and others.

For more information about Sunway Lagoon Walk & Hunt in the Wild Carnival 2015, please visit www.sunwaylagoon.com

Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Peraduan Kembali Bergaya Ke Sekolah

Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah, Peraduan Kembali Bergaya Ke Sekolah, Mydin Malaysia, Mydin USJ,

Tahniah kepada semua pemenang “Peraduan Kembali Bergaya Ke Sekolah” di Mydin. Siapa sangka persediaan membeli-belah kelengkapan persekolahan anak-anak membolehkan seorang bapa, Encik Abdullah bin Awang, 52 tahun dari Kota Bahru, Kelantan menunggang pulang Skuter SYM VTS200, Hadiah Utama.

Peraduan eksklusif buat pertama kalinya dijalankan di semua cawangan Mydin dan cawangan-cawangan MyMydin terpilh seluruh Negara bersempenakan dengan promosi “Kembali Bergaya Ke Sekolah” dari 27 Nov 2014 hingga 11 jan 2015. Melalui promosi ini, para pelanggam dapat membeli kelengkapan persekolahan lengkap dengan harga yang berpatutan.

Peradian ini telah berjaya menarik lebih kurang 10,225 penyertaan dari seluruh Semenanjung Malaysia. Dengan pembelian set lengkap uniform sekolah, beg sekolah, kasut sekolah, stoking sekolah dan alat tulisdalam satu resit pembelian telah melayakkan mereka menyertai peraduan ini.

Selain Skuter SYM VTS200, terdapat hadiah lain seperti TV Samsung LEF 48”, set console PS4, mountain bike, iPad Mini, tiket Sunway Lagoon, tiket Lost World of Tambun.

Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut mengenai Majlis Penyampaian Hadiah Peraduan Kembali Bergaya Ke Sekolah, sila kunjung laman web Mydin Malaysia www.mydin.com.my

Weekend of Shopping, Food and Fun @ Markets 15, Jaya One

Weekend of Shopping, Food and Fun @ Markets 15, Jaya One, Markets, Jaya One

Markets 15 by Jaya One, the quarterly bazaar in The School, Jaya One for a two-day event on 28 and 29 March 2015 from 11am until 7pm. For those who have a penchant for homemade paraphernalia, Markets 15 is stepping up a notch by collaborating with The One Academy to debut the much-anticipated Hunters & Collectors Fair.

Markets is renowned for its wide spectrum of specially curated offerings ranging from fashion, vintage finds, accessories, housewares, artisanal food and unique one-offs by budding homegrown entrepreneurs, the carnival-like quarterly bazaar is set to be a thrilling weekend escapade for fashion enthusiasts and food lovers alike. 

To liven up the atmosphere, Markets by Jaya One has recently introduced a brand new entertainment element; which also serves as a platform for aspiring talented individuals to showcase what they are passionate about.

Boasting an approximately 100 vendors, the first 250 visitors on each day will get to walk away with special goodie bags consisting of various shopping vouchers from participating vendors.  

You are in for a delightful treat as The Hunters & Collectors Fair led by the creative students of The One Academy will see an array of their purely handcrafted items such as stationery items, clothes and knickknacks produced in limited quantity. To add on to the fun, they will also be organizing various entertaining activities namely prize hunting and board drawing at The Tree on the same floor.

Fans of photography will be thrilled as Markets 15 will run an Instagram Hunt where participants have the opportunity to win fantastic one-of-a-kind items from the Hunters & Collectors Fair collection.  All they have to do is to take photographs of their top three favorite booths and upload the pictures to their Instagram accounts. 

Expect a weekend of fun, music, shopping, food and good vibes under one roof. For more information on Markets 15, visit the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/themrkts

9th Asian Film Awards – Oscar Worthy Moments

9th Asian Film Awards, Oscar Worthy Moments, Oscar Asia, Venetian Macao, Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), Busan Film Festival, Tokyo Film Festival, Hong Kong Film Festival.

The 9th Asian Film Awards (AFA) ceremony, dubbed the “Oscars of Asia”, was held at The Venetian Macao last night, commemorating another year of excellence in Asian cinema. The 9th AFA was jointly organized by the Asian Film Awards Academy (AFAA), and its constituent partners – Busan Film Festival, Tokyo Film Festival and Hong Kong Film Festival

Hong Kong pop star, and breakout actress Ivana Wong opened the 9th AFA ceremony with a heartfelt singing performance. Later, South Korean band Infinite entertained guests with an energetic musical set, which was then followed by loud applause from their dedicated fans.

Overall, Mainland China’s films stole the show, winning awards in 10 categories, including 3 out of the 4 major accolades. This year’s coveted Best Film Award went to Blind Massage. 

Other major winners this year include Ann Hui who took home the Best Director award for The Golden Era. Liao Fan beat out other nominees for the Best Actor Award for his role in Black Coal, Thin Ice. However, it was South Korean Bae Doo-na who was awarded Best Actress for her stunning performance in A Girl At My Door.

The “Godfather of Korean Cinema,” revered Director Im Kwon-taek, received top honors, earning the Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to Korean Cinema throughout his over 50 year career. 

Japanese Actress Nakatani Miki was also recognized this year, securing the Excellence in Asian Cinema Award in honor of her diverse, multi-award winning career. 

9th Asian Film Awards (AFA) List of Winners

Lifetime Achievement:
Im Kwon-taek

Excellence in Asian Cinema
Nakatani Miki

Best Film:
Blind Massage

Best Director:
Ann Hui, The Golden Era

Best Actor:
Liao Fan, Black Coal, Thin Ice

Best Actress:
Bae Doo-na, A Girl At My Door

Best Newcomer:
Zhang Huiwen, Coming Home

Best Supporting Actor:
Wang Zhiwen, The Golden Era

Best supporting actress:
Ikewaki Chizuru, The Light Shines Only There

Best Screenwriter:
Diao Yinan, Black Coal, Thin Ice

Best Cinematographer:
Zeng Jian, Blind Massage

Best Production Designer:
Liu Qing, Gone with the Bullets

Best Composer:
Mikey McCleary, Margarita, with a Straw

Best Editor:
Gareth Evans, The Raid 2: Berandal

Best Visual Effects:
Rick Sander and Christoph Zollinger, Gone with the Bullets

Best Costume designer:

William Chang Suk Ping, Gone with the Bullets

Felicia Yeap (Rara) Amoi Berhijab

Felicia Yeap, Rara, Amoi Berhijab, Raisyyah Rania Yeap, Playboy, Hidayah, Pelancaran Buku

Sebut nama Felixia Yeap (Raisyyah Rania Yeap) atau nama samaran RARA yang datang dalam fikiran kita adalah seksi. Sekiranya tidak seksi, yang mungkin datang adalah Playboy. Kalau pun tidak Playboy, tergambar soal hijab. Namun siapa sangka, di balik wajah menawan itu ada banyak kisah? Kisah yang selama ini dipendam, disimpan, dan tidak dikongsikan.

Sesi Meet & Greet dan pelancaran buku terbaru Felicia Yeap #AmoiBerhijab bersama PTS Media Group dengan kerjasama Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad (MYDIN) di di MYDIN Mall USJ, Subang Jaya pada 14th Mac 2015.

Dalam Amoi Berhijab, ada banyak cerita yang istimewa. Cerita waktu kecilnya yang disalah faham sebagai bisu. Cerita waktu sekolahnya yang asyik dibuli. Cerita waktu remajanya yang penuh dengan agenda menjaga adik sahaja.

Kemudian tentulah ramai ingin tahu hidup seorang model Playboy. Bagaimana hidup dalam dunia glamor. Serta hebatnya sehelai tudung, mampu mengubah hati seorang insari. #AmoiBerhijab, sebuah buku ikhlas daripada hati. Sebuah tulisan yang sejujurya mahu berkongsi, buat sesiapa yang mahu mengetahui.

Animax Carnival 2015 Live Concert

Animax Carnival 2015, Animax Live Concert, Animax Cosplay Competition, OO-Kun, May'n, Mami Kawada, Elisa, Japanese ani-song, Tokyo Ravens, Inari, Kon Kon, Koi Iroha, Hayate The Combat Butler,

The Animax Carnival is back to Malaysia!  Viewers and fans will be treated to two days of fun-filled anime-themed activities at Sunway Convention Centre on 28th& 29th  March 2015, 10am to 8pm.  The admission to the carnival is free.

Anime lovers can look forward to a bigger event this year with more exciting activities such as the sale of exclusive OO-Kun (the official channel mascot) merchandise and the inaugural Animax LIVE Concert that will feature three popular Japanese ani-song artistes - May’n, Mami Kawada and ELISA, performing in an engaging two-hour concert.

The concert, which will be held on 29 March 2015, 3pm at Sunway Convention Centre, will feature a spectacular performance from all three artistes.  Fans can look forward to them singing to familiar tunes from popular Animax titles such as The irregular magic highschool, VALVRAVE The Liberator, Tokyo Ravens, Accel World, Inari, Kon Kon, Koi Iroha, Hayate The Combat Butler.  Tickets to the concert will be at a special launch price of only RM20, and can be purchased through Ticketpro www.ticketpro.com.mystarting 5th March 2015.

Animax LIVE Concert 2015
Date: 29 March 2015, Sunday
Time: 3pm – 5pm
Venue: Sunway Convention Centre
Ticketing: RM20 per ticket, through Ticketpro

Animax Cosplay Competition
Animax Carnival Malaysia 2015 will see the return of the acclaimed Animax Cosplay Competition for cosplay lovers!  Cosplayers can once again showcase their costume-making talents and emulation of their favourite anime characters with a range of realistic costumes and gravity-defying anime hairstyles to thrill visitors. 

This year, the competition will feature two categories, a solo category on 28th March, and a group category on 29th March, both happening at 10.30am to 12pm. Participants will stand a chance to win cash and exciting prizes such as a Sony PlayStation 4, a Sony Compact Camera and Sony Hi-res Stereo Headphones worth more than US$1,000. 

OO-Kun & Anime Merchandise
This year, Animax Carnival Malaysia will officially launch a series of merchandise of the cute and cuddly channel mascot OO-Kun, such as the official plush toy, luggage tag and water tumbler.  Fans will also be able to purchase a wide variety of exclusive and original anime merchandise from Animax favorites such as Fairy Tail and Hunter x Hunter at the carnival. 

Another highlight of the event is the Carnival Game Zone, where visitors will get to try their hands on traditional Japanese-themed games and win prizes.  Fans will also witness their favourite anime scenes being brought to life through the Experience Zone and Anime Art Gallery.

For more details on the carnival and the concert, visit the Animax Carnival Malaysia Website www.animax-asia.com/acmy2015