Run and Ride With Stars & Get Your Completed Nutrition with Kinohimitsu Superfood

Eating healthy is really all about having a balanced diet. Get Your Completed Nutrition With Kinohimitsu Superfood, a multigrain powdered supplement with the nutrients your body need to function at its best. The product was launched during the Run and Ride With Stars by Tavia Yeung, a self-confessed health fanatic proudly launches the event with a strong statement, “Take charge of your life. Eat healthy and with all the 7 colours in your diet and lead a fulfilled and colourful life!”

Run and Ride With Stars & Get Your Completed Nutrition with Kinohimitsu Superfood

Of course we must know what are the food and ingredients that we consume. Is it safe and good for our health? Well, Kinohimitsu Superfood makes for an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre too, and helps with healthy weight management. It has a low glycemic index and contains patented ingredient for sustain-released energy.

All of Kinohimitsu’s products are made of natural based ingredients, and free of preservatives, additives, colouring or hormones. They are 100% safe and manufactured under the most stringent quality standards, with HACCP and halal certification.

It contains barley beta-glucan BG 25, which has been clinically proven to reduce cholesterol. The formulation is also rich in antioxidants, plus essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B1, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and iron.

The 7 colours in Kinohimitsu Superfood represent the seven key ingredients including raspberry, lutein, blueberry, flaxseed, barley, spirulina and black wild rice. These provide a range of benefits from improving eye and brain health to protection against free radicals and improving your immune system.

Certified to be organic, they boost heart, cognitive and digestive health, as well as support healthy cholesterol levels. The blend provides natural sweetness and a delicious taste, without artificial enhancements.

Just 3 scoops into 150-200ml cold or lukewarm water . You can also mix with your favourite beverages or soft foods to make meals truly complete. It is suitable for everyone, from children to the elderly, as well as diabetic patients, vegetarians and those who are lactose intolerant.

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