“The Brain Season 2” Returns on ntv7

Hey have you watch "The Brain" before? It is a scientific reality and talent show originating in Germany but produced in China, is back with a second season. This time, contestants will face up to more difficult challenges that are impossible for the everyday person. In addition, there will be more outdoor segments to further test the contestants’ mental and physical competencies.

The Brain Season 2, ntv7
“The Brain Season 2” Returns on ntv7

This forthcoming season brought to you by Naturel Forte DHA Spread, will be hosted by Jiang Chang Jian, and the judges are Tao Ching Ying, Dr. Wei Kun Lin and the “Perfect Match” host, Meng Fei. Moreover, the judges will be joined by a few celebrity guest judge such as Jay Chou, Fan Bing Bing, Shu Qi, Tong Da Wei, Xu Jing Lei, Lang Lang, and Huang Lei.

It is time to expect the unexpected. The second season of The Brain assures more incredible skills that will further keep the audience on their feet such as identifying the Sichuan Opera masks in the right order, identifying the age of children (ranging from 3 months to 11 months) and their corresponding parents, escaping a maze featuring 127 hexagons and marking the exact locations of the four “wildcards”.

Apart from the tough tasks to handle, the second season of The Brain introduces more extraordinary props for the contestants to ‘play’ with like human statues and alpacas to name a few.

With the aim to discover people with exceptional brainpower, the game is divided into three sections – the qualifier rounds, elimination rounds and challenge rounds. The challenge rounds consist of challenges between the Chinese show’s top contestants and those from the international versions. The guest teams are from Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, and United States. With four members each, they are segregated to one competition per person and whoever wins the most, will be declared the winner.

Want to find out how extraordinary the human brain functions? Catch The Brain Season 2 on ntv7, every Saturday starting on 21st November 2015 at 8:30pm. ntv7 is available on Channel 107. You can catch your favourite shows as Catch Up on www.tonton.com.my too

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