Stars of the Orient: An Acrobatic Spectacle @ the Curve for Chinese New Year 2016

Here for the Curve Chinese New Year (CNY) Stars of the Orient: An Acrobatic Spectacle preview and also CNY 2016 celebration. the Curve hosts daring acrobats all the way from Shanghai, China. Themed Stars of the Orient: An Acrobatic Spectacle, stunning performances which are set to mesmerize shoppers of all ages.

Stars of the Orient: An Acrobatic Spectacle Chinese New Year at the Curve

From January 9th to February 9th, 2016, you can discover a charming garden at the Curve Centre Court and admire the blooming peonies and cherry blossoms surrounding the area. A stunning display of graceful purple bamboo plants as well as red Chinese lanterns enhance the landscape of the traditional Chinese garden. Against the peaceful serenity of this garden setting, the Stars of the Orient acrobatic troop will astound and inspire with near-unbelievable feats.

An elegant aerialist, suspended 45 feet in the air by a simple, smooth silk fabric, will leave spectators in total awe. Audiences young and old will be amazed by lithe contortionists, who are able to bend, twist and mould their bodies into shapes beyond belief. Showcasing remarkable balancing skills, the acrobatic plate spinning act will have onlookers at the edge of their seats. All throughout, the magnificent acrobatic performance will be accompanied by a live dance musical show that will surely enthral and delight patrons.

There are more exciting activities awaits you throughout the campaign. Enjoy the lightning-quick Master of Masks face-changing performance as well as meet the Gods of Prosperity as they roam around the Curve. Kids will love watching the Junior Oriental Troupe in action, not to mention the chance to test out their creative talents in the Oriental Arts and Crafts workshop.\

For even more thrilling stunts, you can catch the acrobatic lion dance performances taking place at the Centre Court and Piazza. Last but not least, the Chinese Ensemble and Melodies of the Orient, a 3-piece and 8-piece mini-orchestra instrumental performance respectively, will captivate visitors with renditions of classic tunes using traditional Chinese instruments such as the erhu, pipa and guzheng.

Throughout the Curve’s Chinese New Year campaign, shoppers who spend a minimum of RM138 will be able to redeem exclusive Colours of Spring packets. Meanwhile, those who spend a minimum of RM388 can redeem adorable HouHou plush toys which are available in four different designs, courtesy of the Curve. All redemptions are subject to terms and conditions.

For more information about Stars of the Orient: An Acrobatic, Spectacle Chinese New Year at the Curve, please visit the Curve Website and Facebook Page

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