Eternelle Organic Skincare Value for Money & Convenience

Our skin is susceptible to harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and damaging toxins. Exposure over time to these substances may cause clogged pores, skin irritations, premature aging and other irreversible damages. Inspired by the traditional Japanese use of high quality, yet effective natural botanical elements in their skincare regimen, Eternélle Organic Skincare delivers simple elegance with value for money and convenience.

Eternelle Organic Skincare at an Affordable Price 

Eternélle Organic Skincare Series are formulated as pure, organic and all natural to nourish your skin with maximum benefits, regardless of skin type. The products were conceived with Asians in mind to meet their exacting needs with regards to their environment, weather condition, humidity and other anomalies. Eternélle Skincare Series will not only help revitalize your skin to regain and retain its youthful glow, but they will also improve the health of your skin in the long run with continuous application.

Eternelle Cleanse, Eternelle Luste Intensive Hydrating Serum, Eternelle Touche High Performance Foundation with SPF30, Eternelle Miracle Instant Lift & Firm.

Eternelle 4 main skincare products such as Eternelle Cleanse, Eternelle Luste Intensive Hydrating Serum, Eternelle Touche High Performance Foundation with SPF30 and Eternelle Miracle Instant Lift & Firm.

Eternelle Cleanse, 80ml @ RM34.90
Eternelle Cleanse is a Facial Collagen Cleanser, foamless and non-abrasive cleanser with collagen goodness, formulated to remove makeup, oil, dirt and impurities while leaving your skin soft, supple, moisturized, and revitalized.

Eternelle Luste Intensive Hydrating Serum, 15ml @ RM79.90
LUSTÉ hydrates skin and replenishes moisture reserves. Its lightweight, non-greasy yet super-intensive effects prepare the skin for MIRACLÉ to work its best.

Eternelle Touche High Performance Foundation with SPF30, 30ml @ RM79.90
TOUCHÉ is high performance foundation that complements various facial tone colour and skin type. When applied, the texture feels lightweight like a second skin. Fragrance free, TOUCHÉ is enough to keep you fresh and made-up all day without the hassle of smudges and sweat marks.

Eternelle Miracle Instant Lift & Firm, 15ml @ RM112.90
MIRACLÉ is an exclusive anti-aging formula that gives skin a lifted, tightened, more youthful appearance. Organic extracts combined with the stinging Bee Venom create an intensive restorative effects of natural firmness that considerably reduce sagging skin and drooping lines instantenously. The innovative container with massaging point help the application to give the immediate lift and firming affect to the skin.

Rohanna Hussein, the founder of Eternelle

Rohanna Hussein is the founder of Eternelle, at 60 her skin texture is supple and firm befitting women of 40s. She epitomizes subtle elegance and natural beauty.

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