Healthy & Convenient Ramadan & Raya Recipes by Ayam Brand

Here I would like to share some Healthy & Convenient Ramadan & Raya Recipes from Ayam Brand. Fasting month is also an opportunity for families and friends to come together to break fast and enjoy some home-cooked meals that are made with love, healthy and satisfying.

Healthy & Convenient Ramadan & Raya Recipes By Ayam Brand 

As we know that Ayam Brand, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free, products presents healthy and convenient Ramadan and Hari Raya recipes that even busy professionals can whip-up, in time to breakfast or on Hari Raya itself. The brand has developed a selection of five savoury and sweet recipes that are healthy and convenient to prepare, yet so delicious that they will leave everyone wanting more. 

 Ayam Brand Coconut Milk

Sayur Lodeh, a local delight inspired by Javanese cuisine is made easy by Ayam Brand by combining the which rich creaminess of Ayam Brand Coconut Milk with  Ayam Brand tuna for the gravy. Vegetables add the fiber. This can be a full meal with steaming hot rice.

Lamb evokes a strong Middle Eastern and Mediterranean feel, add in Kumara or more commonly known as sweet potatoes for a more exotic touch, and more fiber. With Ayam Brand Coconut Milk and Curry Powder combining for a creamy base, this is a hearty dish that complements rice or breads such as capatis and naans. Add a simple salad for a quick meal that the whole family will savor.

The piquant Ayam Brand Coconut Seafood Salad is a side dish that will easily become the star of any meal. A salad base of simmered coconut milk, garlic and lime juice with prawns and calamari rings is paired with mango, capsicum and bean sprouts to give a combination flavors that will burst in the mouth.

Thirst quenchers are a necessity when breaking fast, and to put out the fire of spicy foods. Try the Ayam Brand Chilled Coconut Fruit Smoothie that combines cranberry and pineapple juice with Ayam Brand Coconut Milk for a healthy mix of sweet and sour flavours in a rich base. An exotic thirst quencher when served cold. 

For dessert, the exquisite moist Ayam Brand Lemon Syrup Coconut Cake is a stand out that is light and acts as a palate cleanser to the richer foods that came before. It is also a beautifully easy and to make and delicious cake for any celebration. 

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