Discovering the Future with Midea

Hey recently we were at one of the globe’s largest technological innovators and manufacturers, Midea press conference. “Discovering the Future with Midea” is an official event unveiling its international corporate background and achievements. Together with its current marketing plan, future strategies to penetrate the prospective Malaysian market will be revealed as well. In Malaysia, Midea is known as Midea Scott & English Electronics (MSEE).

Midea Scott & English Electronics (MSEE) President, Mr. Ng Kong Chin at Discovering the Future with Midea Press Conference

Midea Group originated from China and broadened its horizons to Malaysia in 2006, making MSEE its authorised joint venture partner. With 60 offices internationally, its products are available in more than 200 countries worldwide. 67 contractors are available across Malaysia to personally attend to consumers. MSEE also provides after-sales services in electrical shops nationwide through 67 official warranty personnel.

Midea Management Team At Discovering the Future with Midea Press Conference

With 100,000 employees around the world, Midea Group is listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange since 2013 and owns more than 10 subsidiaries such as Midea, Little Swan, Hualing, MDV and Welling Holding are a few of them.

Discovering the Future with Midea Press Conference at One World Hotel 

Recently, brands from China are proven to be of good, durable quality that is affordable for most target markets. MSEE aims to offer good quality small home appliances to people of various social economic backgrounds. MSEE makes it easier for fellow consumers to acquire small home appliances that are resilient at reasonable prices.

Besides sharing corporate information and prospects in the Malaysian market, MSEE President Mr. Ng Kong Chin will also deliver MSEE’s vision to dominate the Malaysian market.

Discovering the Future with Midea Press Conference at One World Hotel

Midea Scott & English Electronics (MSEE) 3 strategies:

Strengthening of A&P activities
Every year, 3% of Midea Group’s total revenue will be allocated for Research and Development. Over the past 10 years, USD5 billion has been invested for R&D with USD800 million for 2015. This is to position MSEE as a market leader and trustworthy brand. Lately, 44 billboards have been launched along the North-South Expressway (PLUS) that stretches along Peninsular Malaysia, ensuring large-scale product exposure.

For on-ground A&P activities, Midea came up with ‘GilangGemilangMidea’ contest with prizes worth up to RM100,000, in conjunction with Merdeka month in August. Continuous participation with ‘Astro Go Shop’, point redemption programs with bank credit cards, Home Expo exhibitions and roadshows have also been active throughout the year. Midea’s total A&P expenditure in Malaysia this year will be approximately RM5 million and it is expected to exceed RM6 million in 2017.

Sales network expansion
MSEE’s products are available in departmental stores, traditional electric shops and hypermarkets. MSEE is currently on an aggressive project to make Midea products available in the outlets of Econsave, Aeon, Haniffa, Lulu and E-Mart. In the near future, MSEE’s products will be available in both local and international chain stores such as SENHENG, Harvey Norman and Best Electrical Store, making convenience the key to fellow Malaysians. The Company is in the midst of finalising our discussion with many others and we expect to conclude our discussion in December this year.
Products with trendy & smart features

By offering products that provide the essential, modern elements, MSEE’s total revenue increased by 60% during the recession. In the past three years, Midea Group’s business revenue shot up to USD64.7 billion, with USD21.3 billion in 2015 alone. In 2016, MSEE is close to their target of RM200 million and is targeting for RM260 million in 2017.

This year’s achievements have been exceptional. In February 2016, Midea won 13 product design awards from the IF Award Ceremony by IF International Forum Design (GMBH) in Germany. Over the years Midea has won some 40 product design awards from REDDOT, IF International Forum Design (GMBH), Gmark and International Design Excellence Awards (IDEA).

Discovering the Future with Midea Press Conference at One World Hote

2016 has been a wonderful year of growth for Midea; from acquiring German robotics company KUKA to acquiring the rights to Toshiba’s white goods’ patents for 40 years and being in the Top 500 Forbes Global Enterprises in 2015, expansion plans across the nation have been rapid. With MSEE’s wide range of top-quality, long-lasting products and friendly services, MSEE is determined to lead the future with affordable “smart” electronics and technology made for everyone.

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