Your Cat May Be Suffering in Silence

An estimated 2 in 5 cat owners in Malaysia won’t be taking their cats to a veterinarian this year, according to a survey commissioned by Royal Canin to better understand cat owner’s beliefs and motivations. One significant finding was that 40% of cat owners surveyed have never taken their cats to the veterinarian.  

Your Cat May Be Suffering in Silence

They tend to think of cats as independent, self-sufficient and healthy and therefore there is no need to bring their cat to the veterinarian for check-ups. Sharing the findings of the survey with the media at the launch of its MyCat2Vet Campaign today, Royal Canin Malaysia’s Corporate Affairs & Scientific Communication Manager, Dr Calvin Cheah, who is also a veterinarian, said:  “The three main reasons cited by owners, for not doing so are: i) They are worried about the cost   ii) They think their cat can take care of itself and    iii) They think their cat does not have health issues.”

“There is good reason why owners tend to overlook the need to bring their cats to the veterinarian.   Cats, have in their nature, the ability to tolerate and mask signs of pain. Thus many owners cannot recognise that their cat is sick!   By the time they recognise their cat is suffering, often times the disease would have progressed to severe stage and/or is too late to treat.

With regards to costs, I would like to say this. The cost of treatment is much more if you leave the cat’s health unattended. And in the meantime your cat could be suffering in silence!”

“Based on these findings, Royal Canin Malaysia, as a company that places animal welfare at the top of our agenda, has decided to play its part to help raise greater awareness on the need for cats to get regular check-ups by launching the MyCat2Vet Campaign!”

“We are investing resources and collaborating with the veterinary network to mobilise this campaign as we believe that by encouraging proactive prevention,   we are helping to create better quality of life for cats.  This in turn would contribute greater quality time for cats and their owners and ultimately, we believe, both pet owners and cats would benefit from this campaign.”

Royal Canin Malaysia has enlisted the support of 200 veterinary clinics all over the country where pet owners can take their cats for check-ups. Under this collaboration Royal Canin Malaysia will pick up the tab for the cat’s check-up. 

Dr Cheah said routine check-ups are important for a multitude of reasons:
• The older a cat gets, the more likely the owner is to take it to the veterinarian, but only when it is sick. By then, it could be too late.
• Routine wellness exams are vital for giving cats the long, happy and healthy lives they deserve.
• Cats age much more rapidly than humans.
• Vet visits are an opportunity to let your veterinarian know about any behaviour changes.
• Preventive care is better than reactive care.

Regular veterinary visits ensure that cats are up-to-date on all vaccinations and parasite prevention. Annual visits are essential to maintaining health and wellbeing, but cat owners should be conscious of other factors that display the need for more frequent visits. Changes in appetite, water consumption, house-soiling, breathing and behaviour patterns are all signs that your cat may need a check-up before its yearly visit.

He said: “Royal Canin Malaysia would like to encourage cat owners to use this opportunity to find out more about the health of their cats.”

“Our goal is to have 10,000 cats making their first visit to the veterinarian as a result of this campaign.  Those who are interested can log on to for full details of the registration and panel clinics that are available,” Dr Cheah added.

Owners can register their cats from today, while the visits to the participating veterinarians should be scheduled and commence from 1 December, 2016. For more info and registration, please visit

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